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This application gives 2 weeks free trial after purchasing an annual package. It has 5 main features: Today, Meditate, Sleep, Move, Focus, and much more.


Apps, Meditation, Depression, Anxiety, Negative Thinking, Grief

  • This application gives 2 weeks free trial after purchasing an annual package, It has 5 main features: Today, Meditate, Sleep, Move and Focus.

  • Under “Today” feature, it mentions what to do in the morning as of “Start your day”, in the afternoon as of “Your afternoon lift”, at night as of “At night”.

  • Under “Meditate” feature, it has meditation courses for different situations.

  • Under “Sleep” feature, it mentions Sleepcasts, Meditation & Breathing, Sleep music and Sleep Radio.

  • Under “Move” feature, it mentions different work-outs/exercises like Yoga, Dance, Cardio, Quick Work-outs.

  • Under “Focus” feature, it has guides, exercises, music for keeping focused. It mentions different techniques to get focused for work, study and movement.


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