Performance Management

Digital performance improvement coaching improves the knowledge, skills and habits of your staff when you’ve identified performance deficits and need help for fast improvement.

About The Program

Digital performance improvement coaching helps when you’ve identified a deficit in an employee and you need external assistance to tailor a personalized solution for positive change. The program is highly flexible and can include three-way coaching with the manager or supervisor concerned. Like supportive coaching these sessions assist the employee with new knowledge, skills and habits for fast improvement. The goal of performance management coaching is to support your employee to develop in areas identified for improvement.

What You Receive

Between 1-12 coaching sessions.

The employee improves in skill, self-confidence and increased capacity to resolve the performance issue.

On-call support with a real person during office hours.

Employee feels supported and able to reach out for personal assistance when needed.

Session Results Plan.

Written session plan sent after each coaching session that focus the employee on tangible steps for improvement.

Personalized Improvement Plan.

An improvement plan at the completion of coaching offers tips for long term, sustainable positive change.

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About Scott Berry

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m the Managing Partner at Scott Berry & Associates. I want to thank you for expressing interest in our employee assistance and wellness services. I’m a psychotherapist trained in the UK and an accredited, professional coach. I have a PhD in leadership and an MBA from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. I’ve worked in 22 countries assisting individuals, leaders, organizations and governments to improve cultures, management and leadership. My training in psychotherapy allows me and my team to apply clinically-proven, evidence-based techniques to coaching for employee support, staff performance improvement and masterful leadership.

S Berry

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