Masterful Leadership

Master leadership focuses on personality assessment and interpretation so leaders can grow in self-awareness, social and emotional intelligence, and manage people for healthy staff cultures and productive, high functioning teams.

About The Program

Our particular specialty is digital coaching that improves the communication styles of supervisors, managers and leaders. We do this using personality assessments, based in depth psychotherapy, that helps leaders to manage themselves and others better, to anticipate their own and other people’s strengths and weaknesses. The tangible result is leaders who can sustain healthy functioning between staff and in the whole workforce.

What You Receive

Assessing Personality Strengths.

You’ll know your ‘superpowers’ and deploy them more effectively – you’ll grow in personal confidence.

Assessing Personality Areas for Improvement.

You’ll know your ‘kryptonite’ (the dynamics, relationships or situations likely to weaken you) and you’ll develop strategies to grow in confidence in these areas.

Coaching for social and emotional intelligence.

You’ll be an expert in assessing other people’s work styles and preferences so you can accommodate, anticipate them and support them better.

Team workshop for personality assessment and team cohesion

The team will develop new skills to help improve team relationships, cohesion, self-and-other awareness.

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About Scott Berry

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m the Managing Partner at Scott Berry & Associates. I want to thank you for expressing interest in our employee assistance and wellness services. I’m a psychotherapist trained in the UK and an accredited, professional coach. I have a PhD in leadership and an MBA from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. I’ve worked in 22 countries assisting individuals, leaders, organizations and governments to improve cultures, management and leadership. My training in psychotherapy allows me and my team to apply clinically-proven, evidence-based techniques to coaching for employee support, staff performance improvement and masterful leadership.

S Berry

Let’s get you feeling 50% better...

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