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Book a Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and Interpretation Intensive

" You received this link because you requested a Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and interpretation series. This is what it involves:
  • I send you an assessment form that you complete and return.
  • I assess your personality preferences and 'type' and undertake a desktop research review on your personality type.
  • I produce a series of documents for you that guide you on your preferences in leadership, conflict, stress, work and more.
  • I provide you with an 'info stack' on the research I've collected.
  • We then work through your assessment over three sessions. "
Scan the QR pay code and pay.
Book in for your first session.
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Book in for a session for around two weeks from today.

Note that I'll need a little time to send you the assessment form, get it back, interpret it and be ready to work with you.
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