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How We Help

Helping expats like you thrive in your city.

Scott Berry Associates is a mental health coaching platform that serves expats and migrants living and working anywhere in the world. Our coaching team is made up of practitioners qualified in counselling, psychotherapy, social work and psychology. We choose a mental health coaching approach because coaching moves faster towards getting you positive results that make a real and immediate difference in your life.

Our head office is based in Sydney. Our practitioners live and work all over the world.


Our Purpose

To bring accessible mental health coaching & support to you

no matter where you are in the world.

Our Goals

To help expats and migrants have more control over their lives and feel connected to a supportive online community.


To help you manage and resolve your mental, emotional and relational needs.

To soothe your inner world and make it safe, calm and easy – a place you want to be.

To help you be gentler and kinder to yourself – even with the parts of you that are causing you problems.

To support your transformation in to a master of self-leadership and self-care.

Our Work Will Always Be

When working with you we will be:

Gentle, compassionate and respectful


Direct and straightforward


Our Services Include:

We understand you, finding expat friendly, accessible mental health support close-by can be tough. That's why we offer all our services online, so you can get the help you need from wherever you are in the world.


Online 1-1 mental health coaching (1, 2, 4 or 6 sessions/month)

Online support groups for expats

Online programs, guides & resources for growing your mental wellbeing skills

Live chat motivation coaching & support for making daily life changes

Affordable 'no-call' maintenance plans when you no longer need 1-1 calls.

Our mental health coaches understand the expat way of life, where local support might not be able to relate to you.

Trusted by people all over the world...

cellia bettus.jpg

Cellia Bettus

I feel so lucky to have found Scott. His support, kindness and caring have helped me through difficult times. He is a great listener, and...

Review as posted on Google here.

Bangkok, Thailand

Tomas Bazika

Scott worked with me through difficult times. He was kind, patient and truly caring. He also knew how to coach effectively and was excellent in helping me...

Review as posted on Google here.

​Prague, Czech Republic 

Sandy Remiens

With the wealth of diverse life experience as well as the extensive training that Dr Scott Berry applies to his work, you are in the...

Review as posted on Google here.

Dubai, UAE
Image of Scott Berry, Mental Health Coach and Counsellor

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