Free online resources for emotional wellness


Here are some free online tools from some of the most well-respected organisations globally.

If you're in crisis, please reach out to the Samaritans in Bangkok here.



NIH Emotional Wellness Toolkit

The US National Institutes of Health (or NIH) have a great online toolkit for building emotional wellness, click the image above to access it.


Wellness Recovery Action Plan

This wonderful little website offers a range of toolkits to help with setbacks in life. Click on the logo above to access it now.


Young Minds

Learn more about anxiety and access some helpful, free resources on anxiety and panic on the young minds website. Just click the image to access their guidance.



Anxiety Canada

Anxiety Canada offers a series of free Apps you can download on to your mobile phone. The Apps help with cognitive-behavioural approaches and mindfulness to assist you managing anxiety.



Mind UK

This wonderful UK-based organisation has an equally wonderful website, with lots of great information about emotional and mental health. Click the image to check out their guidance on depression.


Beyond Blue Australia

Beyond Blue is an Australian organisation that helps people with depression and anxiety. There are forums and groups you can join too. Click on the image to check out their guidance and options.