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Give your staff untapped access to our programs & services with employee assistance that really works.

Why Us?

Scott Berry & Associates is one of the only companies in Thailand and the Asia Pacific providing full-service employee assistance, health and wellness.

We provide Employee Assistant that actually works, to some of the worlds well-known companies and organizations.

We comply with the standards and guidelines set by both the UK Employee Assistance Association and the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Our mission is to sustain and maintain healthy, skilled and productive staff, leaders and cultures, through supportive coaching services, performance management for behavior change and by empowering supervisors, managers and leaders to understand themselves and others better for high functioning workplace cultures.

Employee assistance that really works.

Costing & Rates

Scott Berry & Associates is a small business and so offers highly competitive rates for employee assistance and leadership support services, when compared to the big companies in the Asia Pacific region. We can do this because our overheads are lower. By offering digital services we can significantly reduce our overheads and pass on those savings to you, our valued customers

Our ultimate mission is to work in partnership with you and your leadership team to create and sustain staff who can meet and exceed their full potential.


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Full-service Employee Assistance

Scott Berry & Associates offers flexible plans and packages from simple telephone hotline services to full-service Employee Assistance. We start with baseline research to determine rates of absenteeism, presenteeism and we take the emotional 'temperature' of your workplace. We use these baselines to evaluate ourselves and our impact on the health and productivity of your workplace.


We maintain a comprehensive register of the presenting issues your employees bring to us and provide you with quarterly, de-identified reports that outline the range of presenting issues for coaching that are emerging in your organization. 

As part of our service to you, we will provide a ready-made Employee Assistance Policy, an internal promotional plan for the service and annual reviews with recommendations for workplace policy, procedure, health, safety and wellbeing. 

Privacy & confidentiality

Scott Berry & Associates is a member of the International Coach Federation. Coaching is bound by ethical standards of practice that include a requirement to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all sessions with clients (your staff). Except in three-way sessions, in which a manager is participating, coaching sessions undertaken with your employees will remain private – between the employee, the coach and the coaching supervisor within Scott Berry & Associates. 

Our team is made up of psychologists, psychotherapists, sociologists and professional coaches. Supervision within our team includes regular case discussion in which clients (your staff) are regularly assessed and discussed. 

Our multi-disciplinary approach to Employee Assistance means you benefit from a range of perspectives and professional disciplines.

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