Depression Assessment Results


You scored between 5-9. Scores from 5-9 suggest mild depression which may require only watching, waiting and repeating the checklist again in a week or two. Your results suggest you may sometimes have difficulty with life tasks because of how you feel. If you’ve felt more depressed than this in the past, then it makes sense to reach out to a mental health profession. Early intervention can help to prevent progression to more extreme depression later on.

This checklist and your results do not replace the services of a medical doctor. This checklist does not diagnose you with depression. But it helps you decide whether you need to seek help. To receive a clinical diagnosis of depression, please see a mental health professional and follow their advice.

Please avoid completing this test for someone else. You won’t be able to accurately decide on that person’s depression if you complete the test yourself on their behalf.

Taking this test is completely confidential. We don’t record results and we can’t trace results back to individuals. We do retain information on the number of visitors who complete the test and what range of distress they had. This helps us to develop new programs and online tools in the future.

WARNING: If you are having suicidal thoughts or urges to self-harm you need to act now. If you are not safe and don’t trust yourself, please go to the emergency department of your hospital now for a clinical evaluation on your overall risk. Do not reach out to me through this site and wait for a response as we don’t provide emergency services.

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Hi. My name is Scott. I'm a professionally certified coach and counsellor, based in Bangkok, serving English-speaking expats here and across Asia. I work with people face-fo-face and online. I've been in Bangkok for about 15 years now. I have qualifications in psychotherapy from the UK. I have a PhD from Australia. Reach out to me for a no-pressure chat. If I can't help, no problem. I'll help you find someone who can!

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Cellia Bettus

I feel so lucky to have found Scott. His support, kindness and caring have helped me through difficult times. He is a great listener, and...

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Bangkok, Thailand

Tomas Bazika

Scott worked with me through difficult times. He was kind, patient and truly caring. He also knew how to coach effectively and was excellent in helping me...

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​Prague, Czech Republic 

Sandy Remiens

With the wealth of diverse life experience as well as the extensive training that Dr Scott Berry applies to his work, you are in the...

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Dubai, UAE

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