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Call me in Bangkok on +66 2 234 5115

The best way to talk to me is using the chat App below. My team doesn't usually answer the phone when in session.


Listen to three clients talk about counselling with Scott.

Dr Scott Berry


Hi. My name is Scott. I'm the practice manager here at Scott Berry & Associates. I work with a team of associates qualified in the UK, the US and Australia. We provide services face-fo-face and online. We work from Bangkok and see people face-to-face here and online all over the world. Reach out to me for a no-pressure chat about your needs. If I can't assist you, no problem. I'll help you find someone who can!

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Dr Scott Berry

Richard Behm

Dr Sai Pye

Hi, my name is Scott. My caseload is closed until Jan 2022. So I refer you to wonderful Richard on the right. I've been living in Asia for around 14 years now. I originally qualified as a counsellor in the UK and later in Australia. I have a PhD, an MA and multiple related qualifications.

Hi, my name is Richard. I've been living in Asia for around 20 years now. I qualified as a counselling educator in the US and worked with the School of Psychiatry at the University of California. I have been providing welfare, counselling and education for well over 30 years.

Hi, my name is Sai. I'm a medical doctor trained in Burma. And I'm an intern qualifying as a professionally certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. I have around 10 years of experience delivering welfare and case management services and managing teams across South East Asia.


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Cellia Bettus

Bangkok, Thailand


I feel so lucky to have found Scott. His support, kindness and caring have helped me through difficult times. He is a great listener, and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a personable yet professional and helpful counsellor. 

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Tomas Bazika

Prague, Czech Republic 


Scott worked with me through difficult times. He was kind, patient and truly caring. He also knew how to coach effectively and was excellent in helping me devise a plan to overcome the problems. I have experience with a number of coaches and therapists, but Scott is easily at the top. He actually really cares! I highly recommend Scott Berry.

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Sandy Remiens

Dubai, UAE


With the wealth of diverse life experience as well as the extensive training that Dr Scott Berry applies to his work, you are in the best of hands. His approach is extremely insightful and professional and I will continue to refer people to him. Very grateful for the kindness and helpfulness that comes with the package that is Dr Scott Berry.

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